My OC, Grace, as (ironically) a white mage. She can cure your wounds but she can’t cure her terminal illness.

You can take the Bravely Default job quiz at the official website!

I might deactivate this account soon. Thanks to everyone who interacted with this sad lady. Bravely Default has taken over my life.



IT’S HERE!!!! (In Europe, soz America)

and America


"…I do not know how to dance. Someone dance with me."

I wanted to draw my OC in clothing other than a hospital patient outfit.

ask-thebeartrainer sent: uh...i'd say about 6...but raise it up to an 8 if she had a weapon of some kind

((Don’t worry! Her Chansey won’t let her near any weapons. Maybe she’d throw tomatoes or something. xD)) 

prussiancitrus sent: I think we all expected that to happen someday on Grace, so probably 1 :Bc

((Yup, she can tolerate things…to a certain extent. She’s like a ticking time bomb!))


Even if given an eternity to run your mouth,
ur terminally ill friend is still scared 2 death of dying.

Quit scaring her, you old dead dudes.
Poor girl will die dying to death.

((Grace makes friends with dead people how ironic!))

PDL - Nightmare Round 1 of 5 by happichuu on deviantART

Grace’s Application START - NEXT The beginning of her Nightmare Round, Grace teams up with a prissy princess to the Outlands.

Gracie’s date night gone wrong in the Outlands.

YOU CAN DO IT!!!! ….
You can do it girl ! You can do iiiiiiiitttttt!!!

((Thank you your words give me strength. Just finished the flats on the last two pages!! Now I need to make it look pretty 8D))

((Someone pls tell me to finish my NPC Round 4 comic. ;____;))

((I’m so slow that Sonic the Hedgehog is ashamed of me…))